KODA Laneway Suites are self-contained dwelling units situated on the same lot as a detached house, semi-detached house or townhouse, generally abutting a laneway.

They are subordinate in scale and completely detached from the main house on the lot which fronts the street. They have outdoor access via both the street and the lane.

KODA laneway suites may provide new rental housing opportunities within established neighbourhoods,  providing a wider range of low-density housing options while enhancing neighbourhood and community character.

Construction logistics in laneways are very challenging.  Difficulties arise in site access and coping with existing adjacent structures.  In Addition, a lengthy building process can be a nuisance for neighbours & very costly.

With Koda, your house will be delivered on a flatbed in one piece. Installation takes less than a day. The site preparation is minimal. All a KODA needs is ground with levelled footing, access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewage, and electricity. KODA simply and dynamically creates order in the chaotic pre-existing, but outdated rigidity of the construction industry and as a way of living.

  • Generate additional income as a rental unit.


  • Significantly increase your property value realized by an increased cap rate. 


  • A private residence for loved ones.

  • Or an office which is not too far from home. 

Whatever your reason, KODA laneway is a great solution!

Like main houses, KODA laneway must be located in a defined portion of a lot and are subject to regulations regarding setbacks, size, height, and tree protection.

1- Setback from Laneway 1.5m

2- Max Length 10m

3- Setback from Principal Residence 5m Min

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