KODA Float

The KODA Loft Float opens up the opportunity to utilize unused urban or countryside waterfront space. Architecture, design and engineering are combined to enable you to live in your favourite yacht harbour, on a private lake or on an urban canal. The versatility of modular housing concept makes the KODA Loft Float suitable for a harbour café, artist’s studio, a summer retreat or a fisherman’s dream. With its spacious and voluminous high ceilings, the fully equipped KODA includes a window facade for ample natural light. The floating KODA house gives an atmosphere of a mediterranean villa. Finished with sustainable plywood inside, the KODA Loft is minimalist as it is cozy. The floating terrace creates even more luxury space that blends into the natural surroundings.

The KODA Float model offers the opportunity of choosing the most suitable exterior finish as well as the terrace and border materials to suit your environment. The first being either plywood or timber, the latter offering options between spruce terrace and pine border, or larch terrace with glass border.

KODA Float  integrates the house with floating pontoons enabling extended waterfront properties.

 Available in: 

KODA Loft & KODA Loft Extended.


Also available in KODA Land.

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