Koda produces houses off-site like cars, opposing to the traditional building methods that are slow, labour intensive and imprecise. Innovative techniques and design allow for highest standard of buildings, space efficiency and production speed at the same time.

KODA houses and whole KODA Village ensembles can move.

KODA is a free-standing compact house designed to be installed and uninstalled many times over in a multitude of locations and functions.

Temporary plots, given aesthetical and design value, are rapidly incorporated into communities of urban hotel, living, retail and office spaces.

KODA Village is quickly set up combining the desired number of KODAs with modular terrace, piping, infrastructure and greenery solutions. Install and uninstall in a multitude of places. 

The yield of renting out KODA houses often starts from 10-15% a year. 

Reviving unused urban spaces, elegant mini villas create a prime quality living area or business centre and freedom to move.

The flexible smaller spaces of KODA Village bring together residence, entertainment and convenience - an attractive new trend for developers, investors, land owners and urban nomads.

Temporary permits and meanwhile planning allow for quick and meaningful use of transitory or vacant plots and land.

Mere 30m2 of land per unit means almost any available space can have a business plan with KODA. The modular houses can be connected and stacked to create bigger areas, mini villages and entire lifestyle or coworking communities.

Excellent insulation results in minimal running costs. Sell the houses in the unique after-market like cars or relocate your KODA Village at will.

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