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KODA is an intelligent house that has all the necessities for quality living. Brilliantly engineered for installation on both land and waterThe beautiful KODA combines form, function and freedom allowing minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house. KODA’s stylish units create prime quality living spaces, studios or business centers, ergo cultivating a life of freedom full of experiences and not possessions – Lets’ KODA!


For an ambitious urban infill or your personal clever rental business – KODA is a perfect commercial property solution, and accommodates all necessities for smart living and working. 

  • The houses are manufactured off site with the highest standard in building.

  • You can sell the houses in the after-market like cars or relocate your KODA at will.

  • Obtaining building permits give access to temporarily unused plots in the city centrals. ​​​

  • All-in-one delivery and installation. Developmental areas and brownfields or backyards and edges, almost any available space can have a business plan with KODA.


This was our starting point. KODA is designed to be long-lasting and sustainable. With the possibility of solar panels on the roof, the high thermal isolation value of VIP insulation (U-value of 0.1 W/m²K), and three-layered glass facade (with a U-value of 0.3 W/m²K) it can be a plus-energy house. 


Erecting or relocating a KODA house doesn’t require extensive digging and laying foundations. As spacious as it feels, KODA has a very small footprint.


People spend about 90% of their lives indoor, directly affecting their long-term health & well-being. Achieving a healthy indoor climate oasis has been the cornerstone while developing KODA. A lot of natural light, minimised external noise, built-in adjustable LED lights, fresh air, controlled CO2 level supporting bright brainwork and good nights rest. The finishing materials we use are completely non-toxic. It’s natural to prefer natural. KODA’s high ceiling and luminous atmosphere is good for your soul, creating more time, space and energy.


Houses and apartments can’t be moved? You can move an entire village.  The houses are transported in one piece. No need for a foundation, no finishing works after the pop-up, smart heating, cooling and power systems, are neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and inner walls of the unit.  All a KODA needs is a ground with sufficient weight-bearing capacity, levelled footing and connection points for water, sewerage, and electricity. A single lorry to carry it and a crane to nest it in — lift and go!


Modular KODA micro villages are swift to install and relocate. Building permits and  planning enable the meaningful use of transitory or vacant plots in the city centrals.

“The original idea at the early stages of Kodasema was to stop wasting energy and start reducing the energy consumption also in the construction industry. Small living spaces often automatically mean less energy is required leaving a smaller footprint. These ideas eventually resulted in the KODA.”

Hannes Tamjärv

Founder | KODASEMA

"The mission of Kodasema was to change the construction sector by developing a small, sustainable and mobile home so that it can be easily placed on vacant or temporarily vacant plots in city centers. This helps serving the cycles of the real-estate industry in many urban environments, solving the problem of property owners who wish to play with the timing of their development."

Ülar Mark

Head Architect, Founder | KODASEMA

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